Irupé Tentorio (1981) is currently living in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has started studies to become Bachelor of Arts at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Her vocational training includes a certificate of advanced study in Research and Preservation of Documentary Photography at the UBA, a certificate of advanced study in Photography at the University of San Martín (UNSAM) and a certificate of advanced study in Culture and Gender at the Argentine University of the Social Museum (UMSA).         

In her working field, her production has been directed, for more than fifteen years, towards a gender and human rights perspective. Irupé approaches such issues through written media, documentary photography and cultural management. She usually writes for the National Newspaper “Página / 12”, in the feminist supplement “Las 12”. Her Journalistic writing has been published in the international media such as “Internazionale”,  “Altreconomía” and “DinamoPress”.

As a gender journalist, she is a member of the ECO/22 program - deconstructing the way of looking - of the Vist Projects Foundation.
She is part of the Photo Gallery of the San Martín Theater of the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires.

Irupé has been providing training on gender perspective communication in public and private institutions. Furthermore, she has given advisory service on how to develop Violence-Free Zones in working places.

As a photographer, Irupé has developed her job in international festivals, cultural and political events and other occasions related to current national and international issues. Her body of work has been exhibited in art galleries, private and public institutions, photo galleries and cultural centers in the city of Buenos Aires and in international photo festivals.   

Irupé's photographic work "The value of care" is supported by the Open Society Foundation and the National Arts Fund of Argentine.
During 2022 the CARE Foundation nominated Irupé to be part of the Culture and Gender Residency at The Bellagio Center - The Rockefeller Foundation.

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